18, September 2012

Philip K. Dick Festival Berkeley Walk Schedule Change

One minor change to the schedule. We will be leaving for our Berkeley walking tour at 2pm this Friday rather than noon in order to allow several more people to attend. Please let send David Gill an email at thetotaldickhead[at]gmail[dot]com if you plan to attend the walk.

18, September 2012

Philip K. Dick Festival Update 09/18/2012

If you’re coming to the festival, and you haven’t registered, you need to register before Wednesday, 09/19/2012 so there can be a good head count for the meals. You can do so on this site using Paypal – or you could bring cash, but you need to make the reservation now. Including grad student volunteers,Read More …

28, August 2012

Tentative, Finalized Festival Schedule

A tentative, finalized Philip K. Dick Festival schedule has been released. You can view or download the PDF (Adobe Acrobat needed to view) of the schedule.

28, July 2012

Register To Attend Online

You can now register to attend the Philip K. Dick Festival online by completing the form on this page: or by completing the form on the right.

28, July 2012

Philip K. Dick Festival Update 06/24/2012

We are almost ready to begin taking your registration fees through Paypal. We hope to begin taking reservations sometime this week. After much research we have found three hotels located one short bus ride from the campus of San Francisco State University. 1)The Days Inn 2) Roberts at the Beach Motel 3) OceanRead More …

25, May 2012

Tentative Festival Schedule

A tentative festival schedule has been posted. The schedule has not been finalized and is subject to change.

24, May 2012

Attend the 2012 Philip K. Dick Festival

9, April 2012

Hotels Near SFSU

Here’s a Google map listing hotels near SFSU for the festival. Please click into the article for the direct link.

27, March 2012

New Facebook Fan Page

We have created a new Philip K. Dick Festival fan page that is being updated. The old one we are considering dead because of a lot of stuff you probably really don’t care about. The new fan page is here: Please move on over and join us for some up to date information, probablyRead More …

20, March 2012

Two Exciting Confirmations

Paul M. Sammons, author of Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner will give a talk on everybody’s favorite replicant flick. Mr Sammons interviewed PKD a few times and is in a unique position to talk about this stuff. Also, Rich Doyle, annotator and author of the Afterword in the Exegesis will be be presenting.Read More …