28, July 2012

Philip K. Dick Festival Update 06/24/2012

We are almost ready to begin taking your registration fees through Paypal. We hope to begin taking reservations sometime this week.

After much research we have found three hotels located one short bus ride from the campus of San Francisco State University.

1)The Days Inn

2) Roberts at the Beach Motel

3) Ocean Park Motel

We will attempt to get some kind of group rate at The Days Inn this week, so stay tuned for that.

One of the problems we have encountered is feeding the festival goers. While there are some lunch places on campus (Subway, Pizza place, deli-kind of place) we are struggling to provide dinner. We are currently getting estimates from several caterers. We need to get this squared away before we begin charging you. But, at this point, we hope that your $50 registration fee will be sufficient to cover dinners on both Saturday and Sunday.

We have a tentative schedule up at:

We are aware that some of you hoping for institutional funding for your travel may need some kind of documentation from us about the fest and your paper’s acceptance. Since we’re new to this, please let us know what your institution expects in this regard, and we’ll try to send out this paper work in the next two weeks.

Finally, in an attempt to raise funds for the fest we will be selling t-shirts soon, additionally, Jonathan Lethem has generously donated several sets signed books from him to be auctioned off soon.

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