3, February 2016

The Philip K. Dick Film Festival 2016 Award Winners

The winners of the Fourth Philip K. Dick Film Festival awards:

Best Philip K Dick Feature – The Incident directed by Isaac Ezban

Best Sci Fi Feature – Counter Clockwise directed by George Moise

Best Horror – Chatter directed by Matthew Solomon

Best Documentary – Travis The True Story of Travis Walton directed by Jennifer Stein

Best Philip K Dick Short – Chronos directed by Martin Kazimir

Best Horror Short – The Mill at Calder’s End directed by Kevin McTurk

Best Singularity, Eschaton and Beyond – Enfilade directed by
David Coyle

Best Animation – The Looking Planet directed by Eric Anderson

Best African American, Latino and Any Other Person of Color Science Fiction Film
– The Art of Human Salvage (2015) directed by Dempsey Tillman

Best New Media – Californium Designed by Noam Roubah

Best Trailer – Caihong CIty directed by Florina Titz

For more information, visit The Philip K. Dick Film Festival web site.

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