26, November 2023

Dates Set for the 2024 Philip K. Dick Festival

The Philip K. Dick Festival 2024 will be held in Fort Morgan, Colorado on June 13 – 16.

The festival is being hosted by Lord Running Clam, otherwise known as David Hyde. The gathering will consist of both fans and scholars so expect interesting conversations along with the lectures, music and art being planned.

For those who aren’t aware, Fort Morgan is the location where Philip K. Dick and his sister are buried so only a short trip would be required to pay respects at the grave side.

Featured speakers include: Andrew M. Butler, Sam Umland, David Agranoff, Ted Hand, Frank Hollander, Josh Lind, Blake Wilson and David Gill.

If you’d like to present or want to get involved in the planning stages of the event, send an email to David Gill at thetotaldickhead[at]gmail[dot]com or Lord RC at pink-beam[at]hotmail[dot]com.

More details to come soon.

From Announcing Dick-Fest 2024 in Ft. Morgan, Colorado!

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