2012, San Francisco, California

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“Radio Free Albumuth” at Philip K. Dick Festival

Philip K. Dick Festival coming to San Francisco, September 22-23

Philip K. Dick: 30 years gone, and a PKD festival!

Philip K. Dick Festival Comes to San Francisco with Headliner Jonathan Lethem

Calling All Dick-Heads! The Philip K. Dick Festival Is Here

The First Ever Philip K. Dick Festival Blows Through Town This Weekend


Haunted by Phil Dick from Rudy Rucker’s blog. His lecture “Haunted by Philip K. Dick” has been posted as a video and as an .mp3 to his podcast if you would like to listen instead of viewing.

Jonathan Lethem delivering the keynote address at the Philip K. Dick Festival at SFSU

“No Intelligence Is Artificial” (Suhail Rafidi)

“Do Scientists Dream of Electric Thought Experiments” (Dr. Charles Reid)

“Neoplatonism and the Problem of Dick’s Christianity” (Ted Hand)

“Religious Studies Approaches to Philip K. Dick” (Erik Davis)

“Prince Myshkin in California” (Greg Rickman)

“Out Of Time’s Joint” (Doug Mackey)

“Do Androids Dream Of Electric Thought Experiments” (Dr. Charles Reid)

Panel Discussion on “The Exegesis” (Ted Hand, Erik Davis, Rich Doyle, David Gill, Pamela Jackson and Jonathan Lethem)

“Radio Free Albumuth” Screening

The film “Radio Free Albumuth” was screened on Saturday, September 22 at 8 pm, during the festival. Several reactions from fans were posted to the film’s Facebook page:
Ted Hand
Jonathan Putnam
Jeffrey Goodman
David Hyde
Doug Mackey
Rudy Rucker

Speaking with Anne R. Dick


More human than human: how Philip K. Dick can change your life

Why Philip K. Dick Matters

PHILIP K. DICK FESTIVAL: academic dickheads celebrate the scandalous genius of science fiction at SFSU

Philip K. Dick was a friend of mine

Marc Haefele reports from SF’s “Philip K. Dickfest” on the sci-fi author’s mental maelstroms

Umberto Rossi Recalls His Festival Experience

Lord Running Clam’s Festival Experience